Mind § Galaxy is a short film co-directed by the independent philosopher Ion Soteropoulos and the video artist Shiho Minami. Its scenario is the cosmic poem Mind § Galaxy narrated by the English actress Anastasia Wells and written by Ion Soteropoulos. The gender of the film is graphic animation grounded in the pioneering work of the graphic artist Kahori Maki. This poetic film narrates the endless transformation of the Mind into Brain, Galaxy, and blossoming Universe and vice versa through a chain of condensations and dissolutions. Following the proto-rationalist ideas of the first Indo-Iranian and Greek-Ionian thinkers 2800 years ago, we claim that our inner subjective mind and the outer objective universe are opposite and independent substances, which are equivalent. It is precisely this equality and coexistence of opposites that grounds the endless and cyclic transformation between them, in analogy to the endless and cyclic transformation between energy and matter based on the celebrated energy-matter equivalence principle: E = mc2. Read also the article Mind and Galaxy and the Origin of Philosophy by Ion Soteropoulos.


Ion Soteropoulos § Shiho Minami


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