Mind and Galaxy is a short film co-directed by the independent philosopher Ion Soteropoulos and the video artist Shiho Minami. Its scenario is the cosmic poem Mind § Galaxy written by Ion Soteropoulos and inspired by the cosmological theories of the ancient Greek Ionian philosopher Anaxagoras (5th century BCE). The gender of the film is graphic animation grounded in the pioneering work of the graphic artist Kahori Maki.
This cosmic film narrates the endless transformation of the Mind into Brain, Galaxy, blossoming Universe and vice versa. Because the most immediate experience that we have is the subjective experience of our Self or Mind containing the totality of our thoughts and sensations of internal and external worlds, we conclude together with the ancient Greek philosopher Anaxagoras(5th century BCE) that everything (the Universe), comes from our Mind and returns to our Mind. Our Mind is our ultimate certainty and infinite wealth.

Historical Context
Mind, according to the ancient Greek philosopher Anaxagoras, is infinite and self-ruled, and via rotation generates our galaxy and all of its stars. The whirling galaxy blossoms into a celestial flower, the Universe, whose petals, when open, reveal the beauty of Life made of living cells, and the energy of our Mind made of thoughts and feelings.
At the beginning, Mind rotated over a small area. Now its spins over a wider expanse and transforms itself into a whirling galaxy, the galaxy into a flower, the flower into a whirling galaxy, the galaxy into a vibrating Mind. This endless cosmic transformation evokes within us the feeling of the sublime, a disinterested attraction to the ultimate great: the Divine, which corresponds with our infinite Mind.
The cosmological theory of the Mind of Anaxagoras has its roots in the proto-rationalist idea of the first Indo-Iranian and Greek-Ionian thinkers 3000- 2600 years ago that subjective Mind and objective Universe are opposite and independent substances, which are equivalent. It is precisely this equality and coexistence of opposites that grounds the endless and reversible transformation between them.


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