Becoming an Apeiron Centre contributor means joining a cosmopolitan humanist platform aspiring to clarify the meaning and destiny of Anthropos within the Cosmos, recently attacked by technological fundamentalism, and to actualize, in this period of civilizational transition, what constitutes the best element of Anthropos⎯namely its infinite mind (the Greek nous). The Greek word “Anthropos” (ἂνθρωπος → ἀναθρών  α όπωπε ) ⎯ meaning the being who contemplates upwards (ἀναθρεί) what it has seen (α όπωπε ) in distinction to the word “human” whose latin root is “humus” meaning earth ⎯ is to my knowledge the only word in the world that emphasizes the vertical and therefore transcendental and spiritual dimension of the human. It is this infinite spiritual dimension that leads the human beyond its terrestrial and biological limits to discover the unlimited reality of its external and internal worlds. 

If you share the above cosmic humanist vision of the Apeiron Centre you can contribute to this singular cultural adventure as volunteer for administrating and organizing the site, as researcher and artist nourishing the site with original, stimulating work, or simply offer a gift. 

Waiting your positive answer to this cosmic and cosmopolitan humanist call

Ion Soteropoulos

President and founding member of the Apeiron Centre

Pourquoi contribuer au Apeiron Centre

Devenir un contributeur au Apeiron Centre, c’est rejoindre une plateforme humaniste cosmopolite qui aspire à clarifier la signification et le destin d’Anthropos au sein du Cosmos, récemment attaqué par le fondamentalisme technologique et à actualiser, en cette période de transition civilisationnelle, ce qui constitue le meilleur élément d’Anthropos à savoir son esprit infini (le grec nous). Le mot grec “Anthropos” (ἂνθρωπος → ἀναθρεί  α όπωπε) signifiant l’être qui voit en haut ⎯ en opposition au mot “homme” dont la racine latine est “humus” signifiant terre ⎯ est à ma connaissance le seul mot au monde qui souligne la dimension verticale et donc transcendentale et spirituelle de l’humain.

Si vous partagez la vision humaniste cosmique d’Apeiron Centre, vous pouvez contribuer dans cette aventure culturelle singulière en tant que bénévole pour administrer et organiser le site, en tant que chercheur et artiste nourrissant le site avec un travail original et stimulant ou tout simplement offrir un cadeau.

Attendre votre réponse positive à cet appel humaniste cosmopolite

Ion Soteropoulos

Présidente et membre fondateur d’Apeiron Centre

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Ion Soteropoulos

Ion Soteropoulos is an independent research philosopher and scientific metaphysician who is passionately devoted to creative and transdisciplinary work. In 2002 she founded Apeiron Centre, the first philosophical organization in the world that studies the idea of infinity in dynamic connection with the finite as presented in our physical universe, society and physical body.

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Can the humans conditioned by asymmetric time and external causality be free and just beings independent of contradiction and violence?