Can the humans conditioned by asymmetric time and external causality be free and just beings independent of contradiction and violence?


What kind of interpretation is the truest? That which merely traits its own line of thinking, because it just happens to be available and thereby appears self-evident, or that which radically disputes the current way of thinking, because the latter cannot bring to the foreground that which needs to be perceived?

Martin Heidegger, Introduction to Metaphysics


Here is a series of discussions about disruptive ideas that the Apeiron Centre is conducting among pioneering scientists, scholars and thinkers.


Shadows and Lights of Consciousness

A mini discussion with mathematical physicist, cosmologist and theorist of
quantum consciousness Roger Penrose

                                                                                              Roger by Lewis Catalano. Sir Roger Penrose, whom I had the privilege to meet at the Institut Henri Poincaré, in Paris, in October 2015, is an English mathematical physicist, cosmologist, philosopher of science, and theorist of quantum consciousness. He is highly respected for his significant contributions to general relativity and cosmology and for […]

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Divine Mathematics and the Infinite Whole

A brief discussion with the mathematician and theologian Hitoshi Ochiai

Hitoshi Ochiai is one of those rare mathematicians who have gone beyond computational mathematics to investigate the highest discipline of the field: divine mathematics. He is a professor of mathematical theology at Doshisha University, Kyoto and has published extensively. You may order English translations of his most recent books, Cantor: Archetype of Theological Mathematics and […]

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Origin and Nature of the Living Cell

A discussion with the biochemist and philosopher Pier Luigi Luisi

Pier Luigi Luisi is a visionary biochemist who has the imagination and the courage to integrate philosophy in his pioneering research on minimal cells, or protocells. His laboratory in Rome is one of just five or six that are trying to bring forth a living cell from organic components. Luisi is also the author of […]

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