Can the humans conditioned by asymmetric time and external causality be free and just beings independent of contradiction and violence?
Why offer a gift?

The Apeiron Centre is a non-profit philosophical organization, located in Paris, that explores fundamental questions concerning the founding principles of physical reality, the meaning of human acceleration and the contact of the finite and the infinite in our universe, society, and mind.

Given the crisis in the finite analytic foundation of scientific and economic materialism–and its inability to solve its increasing contradictions–we are convinced that only if we question its dominant finite analytic paradigm, do we have a chance to provide solutions that transform our collapsing civilization into a renaissance.

The site operates, therefore, as an avant-garde platform for publishing pioneering research that addresses the above fundamental questions in totally different manners. On a second, deeper level, the site’s grand project is the creation of a school of philosophy that studies the founding principles of the physical universe and their application in solving the problems of our self and of human society.

If you share the vision of the Apeiron Centre and wish to get involved in this singular cultural adventure, you can collaborate on research papers and/or offer a gift.