Can the humans conditioned by asymmetric time and external causality be free and just beings independent of contradiction and violence?

The Infinite in Act

A Treatise on the Founding Principle of the Physical Body Endowed with Continuous Motion

Ion Soteropoulos

The infinite in Act is a treatise on the nature of physical reality, human perception and motion. Beginning with Aristotle’s interpretations of the ancient Greek philosopher Zeno’s arguments, the author engages Aristotle’s analytic logic to uncover the inherent contradictions in his discussions of infinity and motion.
Claiming that the analytical nature of empirical science cannot help us comprehend the indeterminate nature of physical reality, Ion Soteropoulos suggests we replace empirical, analytical principles with synthetic logic, which she defines as principles which admit contrary (equal and opposite) elements or senses, and therefore generate freedom from the prejudice of time and sense. In fact, nothing in the perfectly uniform and just universe is one thing rather than another, and this is what constitutes according to the Greek Ionian philosopher Leucippus the infinite nature of our timeless physical universe.