The Concept of Form and the Way of life


• Preface
Georgios P. Barboutis
Contemplative Life and Happiness (Eudaimonia) in Aristotle
Martha C. Beck
The Socratic Way of Life Vis-À-Vis the Theory of Forms
Sophia Boudouri
Philosophy and the Form and Way of Life in Greek Philosophy :
Plato, Plutarch and the Early Christian Thought
Christos Evangeliou
The Socratic Way : A Philosophy of Life and Death


Marie I. George
The Soul as Form and the Philosophical Mode of Life :
Is Anyone Born a Philosopher ?
Chrysoula Gitsoulis
The Function of Forms of Life in Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Method
Pavlos E. Michaelides
The Ethos of Socratic Eros and Bios Politikos
Thomas Olshewsky
Idea and Eidos in Plato and Aristotle
Jeremiah Reedy
In Defense of Homo Sapiens
Thomas M. Robinson
Socrates and Plato on Philosophy as a Way of Life
Debika Saha
Buddhism as a Way of Life
Sophia Stamouli
The Concept of Eugenics in Plato and Plutarch and the Way of Life in Relation to the Contemporary Ethical and Biotechnological Views
Ion Terzoglou
Spatial Textures and Ways of Life :
The Concepts of Lebensform and Lebenswelt
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•The volume includes thirteen (13) academic articles in English and has 198 pages. It contains studies and research papers published in an electronic form by Ionia Publications in Athens, 2015. Ionia Publications is the printing section of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF GREEK PHILOSOPHY.

•The basic themes of these studies can be grouped under the general title of : The Concept of Form and the Way of Life. In these research papers one will find reflections on several central topics of our times from eminent scholars around the globe representing different points of view and different cultural traditions.

•This collection of original articles constitutes an essential acquisition for every specialist in the field and for every library.


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