Can the humans conditioned by asymmetric time and external causality be free and just beings independent of contradiction and violence?


A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

-- Oscar Wilde

Logical Positivism, Scientism and the Humanities in Engineering Education

Joannis N. Markopoulos

The aim of this brief article is to show that contemporary scientism – which is closely related to the movement of logical positivism and the rapid and uncontrolled development of techno-science during the 20th century – is mainly responsible for a technocratic, market oriented education, and for a value-free society faced with very serious social, […]

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Paul Klee : A Search for a Terrestrial and Celestial Soil

Marcella Tarozzi

Paul Klee is one of the most philosophical painters of the twentieth century. Although he seldom spoke of his work thinking that it is the task of the critic and not of the creator, he did not avoid the written word, in fact in 1906 he wrote in his diaries (1898-1918) : “I have succeeded […]

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The Deep Meaning of Our Contemporary Crisis

Ion Soteropoulos

The unprecedented crisis that we are experiencing is not simply economic but also and essentially metaphysical. The very foundations of our finite civilization are disintegrating. Institutions such as family, work, education, finance, national state and individual identity are collapsing in order to create a place for the first stage of the new emerging civilization of […]

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L’Infini Dissimulé : L’Ouverture Héraclitéenne

Georges Comtesse

1. Hantise brûlante de l’Être et question de l’Élément La pensée Ionienne – La Phusis anté-socratique – se dégage des mythes d’origine et des rites initiatiques de purification (Démeter, Dionysos, Orphée) dont la fonction consistait à se libérer, à se délivrer des forces du Chaos, des forces du Destin. Se dégager n’est pas sortir, s’évader, […]

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Infinity in Art

John Curuby

We are all Artists. It’s that simple. Let me tell you how. Every individual has multiple modalities of perceiving the 3-D world. For those with eyes there is a conscious vision of the infinite present moment. These perceptions have been aggregating in our minds since our eyes first opened. They are the inventory with which […]

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Infinity in Action

Ion Soteropoulos

With the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) scheduled for launch in 2018, humanity will be pushing the frontiers of the visible further outward in space up to 14.9996 billion light years away and further backward in time, up to 14.9996 billion years ago. Indeed, the JWST mission will collect light in the infrared range emitted […]

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